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Axes to Grind Reviews Embraced

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There are pieces of industrial noise, electronic intros and bridges, ambience and atmospheric passages throughout Embraced. The USBM fingerprint is very evident, with fast, sustaining high-end guitar work setting the tempo, blasting drum beats erupting with consistency, and desolate blackened cries. Perhaps the most underrated part of this album are the vocals, they are pretty damn sick, and fit in perfectly with the music.

The industrial/electric bridges and sampling is placed well. This may turn some off, but I offer that if you listen from start to finish, you will come to appreciate how well Surachai integrates the use of these techniques into what is a solid USBM release. Make no mistake – this is not industrial black metal – it is USBM through and through, albeit with some non-standard approaches to bridging and intros. That alone is worthy of a listen – and I doubt you will be disappointed.

Crafted together, Surachai’s three tracks on Embraced transcend the monotony of many modern black metal releases. The song composition is great – not only the crafting of each song, but the architecture of the album itself; Surachai not only has the talent to do it all instrumentally, but his vision in composition is equally exceptional.

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