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Surachai – Forms

Form Thirty Form Twenty-Nine Form Twenty-Eight Form Twenty-Five Form 12

To No Avail on DC Metal’s Top 10

9. Surachai- To No Avail; I reviewed this release pretty recently, so I’m not going to elaborate too much. I’ll just say that To No Avail has solidified myself as a major Surachai fan. These songs are great, and I can’t really find anything wrong with them as a grouping of songs. It’s just a […]

To No Avail on Writing is Fighting’s Year End List

– Writing is Fighting

Grindcore Karaoke Adds To No Avail

To No Avail was added to Grindcore Karaoke’s immense catalog that has incredible music courtesy of Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed. The re-release includes a new digi-booklet that unfortunately has outdated information. The vinyl master was performed by Shawn Hatfield of Audible Oddities. There is no digital master. What is on the internet is a compressed […]

Decibel Reviewed Plague Diagram in June!

A few months ago Decibel Magazine (the only magazine I have a subscription to) reviewed Plague Diagram in its Needle Exchange Column. I didn’t want to reprint it immediately and decided to let it cycle out of rotation before posting it here. There’s a picture of the review in the link below! Surachai – Plague […]

Aquarius Records Reviews & Sells Plague Diagram

Aquarius Records, one of my favorite record shops on the West Coast, has a beautiful review of Plague Diagram. Pick up a copy from them if you’re in San Francisco and/or too impatient to order from We didn’t know too much about Surachai, or his record Plague Diagram, but from the way it was […]

Metalsucks reviews Plague Diagram

Snippet: Technically, this grinding industrial project from audio terrorist Surachai Sutthisasanakul is only sort of a solo album. The dude enlisted five well-known noise mongers (including an ex-member of NIN and Merzbow/Skinny Puppy collaborators) to sizzle his downtuned Meshuggah chugging in all manner of digital signal processing and modular synth fuckery…… – Full Article HERE

Blood Sex Cult Interview

Excerpt from Blood Sex Cult interview: I have a deep relationship with Black Metal. I don’t do corpsepaint, go to every Black Metal show or wear their shirts. I just listen to it everyday. It’s been deeply embedded into my listening before I knew it was called Black Metal. I just thought it was melodic […]