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Handshake Inc. Record Label

The next release “To No Avail” will be distributed through Handshake Inc’s label. Digital versions of the album will be released on October 25th 2011 while the vinyl has a scheduled release date January 4th 2012. A sample will be available October 13th on Handshake Inc.’s website.

Handshake Inc., the film and music video production company behind the films ‘Maryland Deathfest: the Movie,’ (parts one and two), “When the Screams Come, (live Pentagram DVD)” “Disgorge Mexico the Movie,” “Axis of Eden, the Feature Film,” and music videos for Jucifer, Hail of Bullets, Drugs of Faith, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Woods of Ypres, is extremely proud and excited to announce the launch of Handshake Inc – , the record label.

This isn’t a typical label – we all know how well those are doing nowadays. With North American distribution through MRI and RED, the label will focus exclusively on vinyl and digital releases, and will give online consumers the option of paid, pay-what-you-can and free digital downloads.

“I’m basically copying Grindcore Karaoke, but with a few tweaks,” said David Hall, owner of Handshake Inc, from his London, Ontario office – referring to the digital label created by J. Randall just over a year ago. “My intention with Handshake Inc., as a music label is to promote bands I love, to people who are passionate about great music.”

The formation of Handshake Inc., the label also means some personnel additions to the company. Rabble-rousing writer/promoter Kim Kelly of Catharsis PR will be handling PR, marketing, and A&R; and the indomitable J. Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Grindcore Karaoke is contributing creatively. Handshake and Grindcore Karoke will also be collaborating on several upcoming releases – keeping things in the family, as it were.

Handshake’s first vinyl offering will be abrasive sounds of death grind noiseniks SULACO’s “Build and Burn” LP. SULACO features BRUTAL TRUTH’s Erik Burke on guitar, and delivers a shotgun blast of full-on intensity and grinding fury, the likes of which the world has been missing since the band’s last record in 2006. The new album was mixed by Neil Kernon and mastered by Alan Douches, and will hit stores, the web and mail-order on Oct 25th. The label has plenty more in the works for 2011, including wax/digital works from Chicago’s avant-black/doom/electronic maelstrom SURACHAI and Philadelphia noisemongers LADDER DEVILS, both of whom were suggested by J. Randall and are poised to blow the doors off this joint!

Handshake’s tentative 2011 release schedule will also see digital releases by The Sun Through a Telescope, ((Thorlock)) and live releases by Maruta, Yakuza, and more to be announced!

Handshake Inc.’s most recent DVD releases include ‘Maryland Deathfest: the Movie II,” and “When the Screams Come,” (A live Pentagram DVD on Metalblade Records.) Handshake Inc., is currently in production on an as-of-yet untitled documentary about producer Billy Anderson, and in the next few months will complete music videos for Maruta, Rwake, Rottenness, Fuck the Facts, Jucifer and Toronto’s Vilipend.

Handshake Inc. is currently in post production on “Marlyand Deathfest: The Movie 2.5,” “Untitled Brutal Truth Documentary,” and “The Excitutioniz Come Tomorrow: Jucifer live at Call the Office.”

*Please contact Kim Kelly ( for more info and media inquiries for Handshake Inc.!


Kim Kelly
US: 609-351-9843
UK: +44 (0)79 29224150


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