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Make Noise Soundhack – Echophon Teaser / Maximized

A quick teaser of the Echophon and its freeze function. Audio is sampled into the Echophon’s internal buffer when freeze mode is engaged. Depth, Pitch, and Echo can be used to manipulate the sound.

An evolving distorted pattern utilizing every parameter on the Make Noise Soundhack Echophon. The Tip Top Audio 808 series modules are sequenced by 4ms’s SCM and run through Doepfer’s 101-3 and 137-1 which are being sequenced by the Z8000 and MATHS. A feedback loop from the Echophon is being fed into the Harvestman Piston Honda’s wavetable distortion. A BRAINS expanded Pressure Point and Double Andore are being used to sequence parameters on the Echophon creating a swirl of pitched delays that squeal and murmur alongside the pattern.

An overview video running through basic Echophon functions will be posted later this week…

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