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Noise Seeker Thought Otherwise

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When I recently heard the name Surachai, I immediately thought it could be some kind of a stoner/doom band. The human brain makes these weird associations sometimes and mine just threw me the Snailking demo cover in front of my eyes, for no logical reason whatsoever. So, to my surprise, this is nothing like what I was expecting – this is not even a band, this is a one-man project by Surachai Sutthisasanakul, a producer based in Chicago who mashes the gloomy black metal roots with the heartless pulsation of synthesizers. The surroundings are nothing but bleak and atmospheric and, of course, the reverberation could not miss this reunion. For his third album, Embraced, he adds the drummer Charlie Werber (Guzzlemug) to this equation and you can check the result below, with the track Sentinel.

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