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Sea of Tranquility Reviews Embraced

Here’s some US black metal for you that’s somewhat different than what you normally hear on a day to day basis. Usually the sole work of multi-instrumentalist/composer/vocalist Surachai Sutthisasanakul, he’s brought in a few musicians to help out this time around, with the result being a pretty full sounding, eclectic brew of extreme sounds. Non-stop tremolo picked riffs, blasting, and tortured vocal wailing assault the listener on the opening “Ancestral”, and it’s not until the tracks final three minutes that the chaos drops and some futuristic sound effects blip and bleep to close it out. “Embraced” is more of a haunting piece, the riffs keep raging but the vocals are more subdued and there’s layers of keyboards softening up the arrangement. “Surrender” kicks off with those geeky synths before the furious black metal onslaught lurches back in, vocals shrieking about the mix over furious blasting and riffing. Though parts of Embraced are really well done, there’s just a tediousness and sense of monotony throughout too much of the album that brings it down a bit. Perhaps if these songs were shortened a bit, the end result might have been a tad more enjoyable. Worth a listen though if you like experimental US black metal.

Sea of Tranquility

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