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The Ritual Mag Reviews Embraced

No one can deny that the current extreme metal scene at Chicago has spawned out an unbelievable plethora of interesting (to say the least) bands. From black metal acts such as Nacthmystium, to the atmospheric sludge overlords The Atlas Moth to the “cannot-fit-into-one-category” Yakuza. And I can only apologize for not finding out about Surachai earlier, another Chicago based band that seems to be climbing up the ladder of the regional scene.

Embraced is the third release from Surachai, behind which, mastermind Surachai Sutthisasanakul (only time I am going to write this), conjures his twisted visions of black metal experimentation, entwined with electronic music influences, industrial like moments and noise variations on his music. Supported by an impressive list of session musicians, including Shane Prendiville (guitars) and Charlie Weber (drums) of Murmur, Andrew Markuszewski (also known as Aamonael on guitars) of Lord Mantis and until recently of Nachtmystium, along with Tom Kelly on acoustic bass, Alessandro Cortini on buchla easel and Richard Devine on sound design, this endeavor simply cannot fail. And of course it does not.

The only way to characterize this album is as a victory for experimental music, comparisons will be made between Surachai and other experimental black metal acts such as Altar of Plagues or technical/progressive black metal bands such as Krallice. In the end it is only fair to say that Surachai is reaching for true greatness with Embraced.

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