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To No Avail & Plague Diagram on Grindthieves Year End List

I’ve been battling with putting this list together for over a month. Eliminating and adding and re-adding and re-eliminating albums over and over again. I’m going to stop and just put this list out there as I see it today, at this moment.

Surachai – “Plague Diagram / To No Avail”

Chicago gave us Surachai and his two ridiculous slabs of fuzzed out freaked out metal varieties this year. Both incredibly well produced dabblings in experimental grind and black metal. When “Plague Diagram” came out, I had a couple shows to play and I ended up playing it at each one. I listened to “To No Avail” more times in a row in 24 hours than any record in the past several years. This guy is a genius when it comes to this kind of music, no question.

To No Avail on Grindthieves Year End List

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