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American Heritage – Sedentary

American Heritage is releasing a record that I, along with apparently everyone else, worked on called Sedentary and it’s available for pre-order at Translation Loss. Here are some links then a look at the guest-free-for-all credits.

Translation Loss Records Store
American Heritage Myspace

City Of God
Bass and Keyboards: Lon Hackett [Sulaco]

Sickening Rebellion
Vocals, Bass, and Guitar Solo: Rick Leech* [(Lone) Wolf & Cub]

Chaotic Obliteration
Bass: Leon del Muerte** [Murder Construct, D.I.S., Exhumed, Intronaut, Phobia]

Kiddie Pool Of Baby Blood
Bass: Jon DeHart*** [Fight Amp]

Vessels / Vassals
Bass: Sanford Parker [Buried At Sea, Minsk, Circle Of Animals, The High Confessions, Nachtmystium, Twilight]

Fetal Attraction
Bass, Guitar Solo, and Fuck Eating: Bill Kelliher [Mastodon, Primate]

Tomb Cruise
Bass: B. Sanders [Lioness]

Slave By Force
Vocals and Bass: Botchy Vaquez* [Sweet Cobra, The Killer]
Guitar Solo: Ray Donato [Dark Fog]

Abduction Cruiser
Bass: Erik Bocek* [American Heritage, Ghosts And Vodka, Exociser]

Morbid Angle
Vocals: Josh Rosenthal* [Plague Bringer]
Rhythm and Solo Bass: Rafa Martinez****[Black Cobra, Acid King]

Bass and Guitar Solo: Dallas Thomas [The Swan King, Asschapel]
Analog Synths: Jason Goldberg* [Beak]
Additional Sound Design: Surachai Sutthisasanakul [Surachai, Exorciser]

* Recorded at Studio G by Francis Gilbert
** Recorded at Architeuthis Studio by Sean Vahle
*** Recorded at Gradwell House by Steve Poponi
**** Recorded at La Casa Nuñez by Jonathan Nuñez [Torche]

American Heritage is:
Mike Duffy, Adamn Norden, and Scott Shellhamer
All songs written by American Heritage

Recorded and Mixed at Semaphore
by Sanford Parker

Mastered at The Boiler Room
by Collin Jordan

Artwork by Stephen Kasner
Design by Scott Shellhamer

Listen to these bands:
Sulaco, Murder Construct, D.I.S., Exhumed, Fight Amp, Buried At Sea, Minsk, Circle Of Animals, The High Confessions, Twilight, Mastodon, Lioness, Sweet Cobra, Dark Fog, Plague Bringer, Black Cobra, The Swan King, Beak, Surachai, and Crowpath.

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