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Buchla Integration

First off, let me just say the Buchla patch I have going isn’t the best. I had a pretty intense Euro patch going and Xart came over to talk about the next synth event and dropped off his Buchla. I tried integrating it with the present patch and well, this is the result. You can’t get your 3 minutes of life back.

Oscillators: Cwejman VM-1, Harvestman Piston Honda, Tip Top Audio Z3000, Wiard Anti-Oscillator.
Sequencers: Tip Top Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer, STG Graphic Sequencer, Doepfer A-155/A-154 Combo
Filter: Tip Top Audio Z2040
Delay: Tip Top Audio Z5000, Doepfer A-188-2 BBD
Clock: Make Noise Wogglebug, 4MS Rotating Clock Divider and Rotating Clock Divider Breakout

Oscillators: Complex Waveform Generator 261e, Twisted Waveform Generator 259e
Sequencer: Dual Arbitrary Function Generator 250
Filter: Triple Morphing FIlter 291e, Quad Dynamics Manager 292e

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