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Plague Diagram – Available Now!!!

It has been an incredible amount of work to get to this point and I’m proud to announce that Plague Diagram is now out!! Pre-Orders got shipped out today.

The album is free to download, has a $3 Hi-Def download option, is available on 180 gram, clear vinyl (limited edition of 500) and there is a sick shirt – all physical orders come with stickers. I’m partial to the vinyl release as it was the reason the album was held up for a few months and it sounds sick – lots of clear highs, sub bass and transients that punch at your chest! Not to mention, the vinyl edition is beautiful in its minimalistic design. Also with the vinyl purchase, I’ll pass over the vinyl digital masters if you request it in your order. The video below is of the assembly process.

This is a 100% independent release, having no help from labels or outside funding. Any promotion, interviews or help would be appreciated as I’m only one person. Contact for inquiries.

Plague Diagram Notes
Isolation (Featuring Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Otto von Schirach)
Ashes (Featuring Nordvargr, Andre Sanabria)
Void (Featuring Otto von Schirach)
No Names (Featuring Richard Devine)

Artwork – Bridget Driessen
Digital Mastering – James Cigler
Vinyl Mastering – Shawn Hatfield
Devised by Surachai Sutthisasanakul

Plague Diagram

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