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Grindthieves Reviews Embraced


It’s a rare treat to experience an artist evolve. Either the process is hidden or the audience’s interest dwindles along the way. But, I’ve enjoyed the distinct honor of watching Surachai grow and evolve since first discovering him in Chicago several years back, especially through his last 3 full length albums. “To No Avail” and “Plague Diagram” were both mentioned here with nothing but praise and the same is now true for his newest effort, “Embraced”.

“Embraced” is the first Surachai record to utilize a full band, while still written entirely by Surachai himself. The results are, in a word, astounding. Featuring members of Nachtmystium, Nine Inch Nails, Guzzlemug, and more, the ideas and concepts from the mind of Surachai are expressed through a numerous set of minds and talents, the resulting outcome is a supremely robust and more fully evolved sound than the previous records. Next to Surachai’s vocals, the drums are probably the most stand out element on the record for me, followed closely by the ambient and sound design from the ever remarkable Richard Devine. But, the guitars and bass and synths are not overshadowed or lost in the shuffle, to be certain.


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