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Lord of Metal Review Embraced

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At the end of 2011 I was quite impressed with ‘To No Avail’ by the American band Surachai. And all of a sudden the digital download of the new album ‘Embraced’ drops on my digital doormat. Extremely curious as to what it would bring I downloaded it and played it, at full volume, via my home entertainment centre. Of course, I wanted my neighbours to also enjoy it. Opener ‘Ancestral’ continues where the previous album left off, so, a mix of Deafheaven, Krallice and Deathspell Omega. ‘Sentinel’ continues in the same vein. Closer ‘Surrender’ starts totally different I a more noise/industrial style but after two minutes it flips back to the sound we got accustomed to only to be interspersed with noise/industrial passages from time to time.

All together the three songs clock in at a little over forty minutes and don’t tend to bore for a single second. ‘Embraced’ has turned into a great album. End of year list material this album certainly is. It can be recommended to anyone who wants their black metal differently, especially more modern, but not less good. Think of the black metal that is programmed by a festival such as Roadburn. 88/100

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