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Sea of Tranquility Reviews Embraced

Here’s some US black metal for you that’s somewhat different than what you normally hear on a day to day basis. Usually the sole work of multi-instrumentalist/composer/vocalist Surachai Sutthisasanakul, he’s brought in a few musicians to help out this time around, with the result being a pretty full sounding, eclectic brew of extreme sounds. Non-stop […]

More Cwejman Worship

Cwejman S1 MKII + Livewire Chaos Computer

Mike Brown of Livewire Electronics was one of the first people I met in the modular community when I started some 8 years ago. The Chaos Computer was more of a myth than an actual module in the 5 or so years it took to develop. It would show up in various incarnations, growing in […]

Version Industries Blog: surachai_090313

Caspar of Version Industries wrote up on the process of creating the artwork to Embraced. Here are some selected excerpts, read the entire article: HERE “it must have been late last year that surachai told me he wanted me to work on the artwork for his next record. given he’d already employed the likes of […]

Anti-Gravity Bunny’s Playlist

This one came out of nowhere and it fuckin rules, just one dude who enlisted a bunch of pals to flesh things out and give this a truly overwhelming sound, Embraced is some next level shit, complex wall of sound black metal that’s super fuckin precise, tight tremolo shredding on top of a controlled chaos […]

Embraced Vinyl – 20% Off

Embraced by Surachai For the next week, Embraced vinyl is 20% off. Discount code: embracedvinyl If you want To No Avail or Plague Diagram vinyl as well, e-mail and we’ll work out a deal.


TRASH_AUDIO shirts are back! Soft, high quality material, and intricate detailing by Offbeat Press. International orders are being held off for now, e-mail and I’ll put you in queue. Men’s T-Shirts Sizes – S/M/L/XL/XXL Women’s Racerback Tanktops Sizes – S/M/L Shipping & Sticker Included Gender/Size Men’s Small $20.00 USDMen’s Medium $20.00 USDMen’s Large $20.00 […]

Make Noise Records – Surachai Preview

We’re currently working on, and very close to, releasing Robert AA Lowe’s (MNR003) contribution to the Shared System Series on Make Noise Records. Keith Fullerton Whitman’s (MNR004) release is scheduled after. Surachai’s (MNR005) release is the “last” of the series but you can preview the entire release months before its release. You’ll just need a […]

Chicago Reader – Best Synthesizer Geek/One-Man Black-Metal Band

The stereotype of black-metal musicians as murderous, church-burning, white-­supremacist pagans in corpsepaint was out of date ten years ago—by now the style has worked its way into almost every corner of the underground, and you can find just about as many kinds of black metallers as you can metal­heads in general. However, it’s still unusual […]

Metalcore Fanzine Reviews Embraced

Best review so far! Surachai/Embraced (Trash_Audio / Bandcamp) Easily one of the worst black metal I have heard in years. Total tin can sounding drums along with useless shit speed played as fast as possible and sounds like a wall of noise and the singing is a total joke. All he does is screech and […]