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Musikchan Reviews Embraced

8/10 ‘Embraced’ is Surachai’s first album to be recorded as a full band and is written in a four-part harmonic style, with bass, tenor, alto and soprano guitars. Stylistically, ‘Embraced’ is a continuation from 2011’s ‘To No Avail’, which saw Surachai adopting a black metal style mixed with noisy modular synthesizers. There is less noise […]

Dead Rhetoric Reviews Embraced

The avant-garde is strong with this one. Change is a tricky thing to engage in for any band but based on experiences with Surachai’s past work, Embraced is a testament to how to do it well. Unfortunately it’s a little too esoteric for its own good throughout otherwise, hyper-dense and spiraling in a thousand different […]

Embraced Available in Chicago

My favorite record stores in Chicago are carrying Embraced vinyl now. Reckless Records Permanent Records Amoeba in LA will be receiving it in a couple weeks, as will a TBA UK distro. Negotiations for mainland Europe and Japan are in the process…

The Ritual Mag Reviews Embraced

No one can deny that the current extreme metal scene at Chicago has spawned out an unbelievable plethora of interesting (to say the least) bands. From black metal acts such as Nacthmystium, to the atmospheric sludge overlords The Atlas Moth to the “cannot-fit-into-one-category” Yakuza. And I can only apologize for not finding out about Surachai […]

Embraced Vinyl Has Arrived!

The records came and they look, feel, and sound incredible. Embraced was structured and composed to be released specifically on vinyl. With the beautiful gatefold artwork from Caspar Newbolt, the audiophile quality weight of 180 grams, along with the logo card and stickers with an order, Embraced is to experienced in this form. – Surachai […]

Creative Intersection Review Embraced

For some reason that Deafheaven track has started opening musical path ways I have been unaware of or ignoring for far too long. Here I have stumbled upon the new album by Surachai and loved every minute of its three track, 34 minute glory. Surachai is the work of Surachai Sutthisasanakul, one guy who has […]

Surachai Logo Cards

Surachai logo cards arrived and at 11″x7″, they look and feel great. They were printed on specialized silver paper, which make the detailed line work shine through underneath the black. These cards come free with the gatefold/180 gram Embraced vinyl. Also included are the digital download to the album, and stickers. Embraced by Surachai – […]

Lord of Metal Review Embraced

At the end of 2011 I was quite impressed with ‘To No Avail’ by the American band Surachai. And all of a sudden the digital download of the new album ‘Embraced’ drops on my digital doormat. Extremely curious as to what it would bring I downloaded it and played it, at full volume, via my […]

Grindthieves Reviews Embraced

It’s a rare treat to experience an artist evolve. Either the process is hidden or the audience’s interest dwindles along the way. But, I’ve enjoyed the distinct honor of watching Surachai grow and evolve since first discovering him in Chicago several years back, especially through his last 3 full length albums. “To No Avail” and […]

Embraced Glitch Art by Nick Liberatore

Nick Liberatore aka royb0t reinterpreted Caspar Newbolt’s Embraced artwork. Gorgeous! – – royb0t